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Design and analysis of Grass mower

Author : Nandish .B 1 Muthanna.K.P 2 Kaveriappa. M B 3 Biddappa. P. S 4

Date of Publication :17th April 2019

Abstract: Grass mower is an equipment used to chop up grass or weed which grows on farm land or other ground surfaces. In the present work, a prototype model of grass mower has been designed and analyzed for its performance. This equipment consists of rotating sharp edged cutting blade, which is powered by an internal combustion engine. Cutting blade unit and engine are mounted on rigid base frame which in turn moves on ground surfaces with wheels. While in action, blade which is rotating at high speed will shear the grass or weeds. In comparison with manual cutting of grass, this mechanized setup is having many merits like chopped surface is more uniform in appearance, completion of work in less time with less manual effort

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