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Bi-Trans VTOL

Author : Deepak M Kurubar 1 Dhanush D B 2 M K Punit 3 Deepak Raj P.Y 4

Date of Publication :24th April 2019

Abstract: Unmanned Ariel Vehicles are, day-by-day, becoming more useful and are on their way to take over a new turn in the Aerospace industry. Vertical Takeoff and Landing is also becoming a new requirement of the coming era. There exist very few modern day designs of UAVs that can provide capabilities of VTOL, hovering along with faster speed and maneuverability. The main objective of this project is to study and fabricate a UAV that can be controlled by a wireless communication system. This includes selection of right material and electronic components. The project also deals with the testing and performance. Flight testing is done to detect the flying and balancing problems. This design specifically focuses on improving the performance characteristics following the references from existing VTOL aircrafts and UAV designs; and combines all such designs to achieve the targeted goal. A successful design will contribute to a wider range of applications both in commercial and military fields

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