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Structural, Morphological and Optical Studies of CuI/CuO Nanocomposites

Author : J. Ruby Jemima 1 Dr. R.Vettumperumal 2 Dr. D.Ivan Jebakumar 3 Dr. S. Kalyanaraman 4

Date of Publication :15th May 2019

Abstract: Copper iodide nanoparticles were synthesized by convention method. The Nano particles prepared was dried at 60oC and then annealed different temperatures like 100oC, 200oC, 300oC and 400oC. It was observed from powder XRD, the sample annealed at 100oC is a pure phase of CuI. From the XRD pattern of the samples annealed at 300oC and 400oC copper oxide peaks were observed in addition to copper iodide peaks. Using Debye-Scherer’s relation, the particle size was determined. FTIR, optical, photoluminescence studies and SEM micrographs were recorded for the samples annealed at 300 oC and 400 oC.

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