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Acoustics for interiors , fundamentals of acoustics , layouts

Author : Krishna Kumar Saini 1 Praveen Kumar 2 B–J Lee 3 H. Rahaman 4

Date of Publication :20th November 2019

Abstract: Non-linear properties of magnetic cores constructed from ferromagnetic material or its alloy have found very attractive use in pulsed power systems such as radar, laser, high power microwaves and particle accelerators etc. A saturating inductor made from such magnetic material regulates the power flow in these pulsed power systems by modulation of line reactance. The line reactance in turn can be controlled electrically through appropriate switching current by altering the core material magnetization of the inductor. This paper presents the study on the characteristics of magnetic material, its designing criteria and application towards efficient pulsed power flow by means of repetitive switching at high voltage/ high current ratings

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