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A Proposal of IoT Message-oriented Service Framework for Serverless Software Architecture

Author : Sung Geun Yoo 1 Won-Young Lee 2 Sangil Park 3

Date of Publication :26th December 2019

Abstract: In IoT service incurring massive data traffic, asynchronous service technologies such as Microservices or Representative safe transfer API (REST API) are rapidly introduced in order to increase the efficiency of the cloud computing service. Moreover, the emergence of function-based computing techniques called “serverless” service also boost the cloud-based service efficiency. In response to the technical shift, this paper proposes message format which can improve event stream process much faster in an asynchronous based microservice environment. This message format is compatible with the JSON Web Token (JWT) consequently, being capable of simultaneously transmitting events and commands and streaming processes as in image processing and real-time data analysis in an asynchronous based service.

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