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Investigation Effects of Nano Metal Oxide Blended Prosopis Juliflora Biodiesel on Di Engine

Author : R.Sasikumar 1 G.Sankaranarayanan 2 T.Ganapathy 3

Date of Publication :18th December 2019

Abstract: The studies have been focused on discovering the fuel that would be adaptable to the existing engine constructions and that would meet the criteria regarding renewability, ecology and reliability of use. The main objective of this work is to discuss the impact of biodiesel from Prosopis Juliflora oil on performance and emission characteristics with bio-diesel. In this study, the effect of bio-diesel from prosopis Juliflora oil and its blends on a single cylinder Kirloskar TV-1 diesel engine was investigated. In this work, the performance and emission analysis were conducted. The tests were performed at steady state conditions with Prosopis Juliflora bio-diesel with different proportion range from 25 to 100% in steps of 25 (Sample 1, Sample 2, Sample 3and sample 4). The experimental results reveal a marginal decrease in brake thermal efficiency when compared to that of sole fuel. In this investigation, the emission test were with the help of AVL Di gas analyser, in which CO, HC and smoke density are marginal increased on the other hand CO2, O2 and NOx are appreciably reduced when compared to that of sole fuel. From the above result we can improved the Brake thermal efficiency and reduction of emission we are attending the metal oxides for the previous results

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