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A Comparison between India with UK to Study Challenges and Opportunities associated with Offshore Wind Energy

Author : Mayank Sada Kamadi 1 Dr. Reshma Raskar Phule 2

Date of Publication :13th September 2021

Abstract: Offshore wind energy is a precise, reliable, and non-conventional source of power gained by profit from the wind energy generated on the high seaside or ocean. It relinquishes an elevation and more consistent pace than on the ground due to the inadequacy of limitations. In 2018 the vast potential of the offshore establishment had touched up to 23 GW. It is continuously developing with a pace of nearly thirteen percent, which is more substantial than the onshore rate is expanding. The total oceanic wind capability encompassing 79% is established in the north European region, and 20.9 percent were located in the Asia region. The motive of the study is to comprehensive analysis regarding the challenges and the opportunities of offshore wind energy. Further, the comparison is conducted among the two most potential offshore wind countries India and UK. Moreover, the paper also recommends some measures and future scope that assist India in taking advantage of the coastal area and enhancing its offshore wind resources by learning from the UK's well-established market.

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