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Drug Abuse Leading to Domestic Violence

Author : Vinita Damle 1 2

Date of Publication :15th September 2021

Abstract: The preponderance of domestic violence due to drug abuse is a rising problem all over the world. The paper focuses on investigating the interrelationship between drug abuse and domestic violence. Various families and interpersonal relationships are adversely affected by the drug abuse of an individual. An exploratory research method complementing secondary research is used for this study. This study is doctrinal. The researcher has analyzed the available literature and studies on domestic violence and drug abuse. The aim is to draw an inference based on observations. Drug abuse has affected a multitude of people from all over the world. A majority of the population is affected by this problem. Adolescents are easy targets for drug sellers to sell drugs and make them an addict. This social menace had affected the general public extensively. A multitude of health hazards is a result of a drug overdose. The practice of consuming a particular product multiple times a day makes a person addict. People get addicted to a drug which further results in abuse of the drug. Changes in physical and psychological health are common in drug addicts. The initial change which is noticeable is the behavioral change in a new drug addict. Drug addiction induces aggression in the behavior of a person. Global lockdown due to the Corona Virus (COVID 19) had resulted in Work From Home culture. It has facilitated drug addicts/alcoholics to unbend themselves from physical activities. Due to lock down all over the world people are solitarily confined in their own house. A sudden change in the paradigm of life has shifted the center of attention of people. People are distracted from their actual work aim towards other activities. Drug abuse is a facilitative factor in rising cases of domestic violence. This study answers the question regarding the association between drug abuse and domestic violence. Further different measures are required to control drug abuse with domestic violence. In the present situation of lockdown, there is a crucial need to develop preventive measures to control drug abuse leading to domestic violence.

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