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A Comparative Analysis of Involvement of Urban and Rural Physicians in Unethical Drug Promotion Practices in Madhya Pradesh

Author : Dr.Ramkrishna Shukla 1 Mr. Harshit Kumar Sharma 2

Date of Publication :15th September 2021

Abstract: Indian Pharmaceutical Industry has a noticeable position and known for its rapidly creating presence in the Worldwide Drugs industry. India positions third to the extent drug creation by volume and fourteenth by value. India is the greatest provider of generic meds from one side of the planet to the other and furthermore supplies 62% of the worldwide necessities of vaccines. In drug promotion the consumer isn't the king yet the components of promotion are more centered on convincing the doctors for more prescriptions. The Multinational, National and local pharmaceutical companies compete each other aggressively for getting control over a larger share of market, offering me too drugs, pushing high value brands, promoting irrational drug combinations and to earn higher profits the stakeholders does not hesitate to adopt the unethical drug promotion practices. The pharmaceutical companies put unendurable stress on sales representatives to accomplish higher sales target. The physicians also understand the greedy intentions of the pharmaceutical companies and take advantage by active involvement in negotiation on business dealings. This outcome is the unscrupulous drug promotion practices by pharmaceutical companies and doctors to procure a huge benefit at the expense of patient care. Pharmaceutical Companies and the doctor's connection are getting ravenous and unholy. The pharmaceutical companies are aggressively promoting the drugs in urban and rural market and do not hesitate to elevate the medications to the non-qualified medical care staff for deals. The study aims to investigate and compare the involvement of urban and rural physicians in unethical drug promotion practices in Madhya Pradesh. METHODS: The primary data is collected with the help of a structured questionnaire. The purposive sampling is used in which the 100 physicians are chosen for study those are open to discuss about the unethical promotion practices. Out of which 50 physicians are working in urban areas and 50 are working in rural areas of Madhya Pradesh state. RESULTS: The mean scores of involvement of urban physicians in unethical drug promotion practices are comparatively higher than the mean scores of rural physicians.

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