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An Autonomous IoT-AGROBOT Controlled Over A Google Assistant With Solar Powered Agriculture Machine

Author : Rakhee Patil 1 Chetana Gumaste Desai 2 Manasa B 3 Anjum.K.M. 4 Sowbhagya Shree N 5

Date of Publication :22nd November 2021

Abstract: Agriculture is the strength of our nation. India being a land of agriculture, wide range of population in India still follow agriculture as their prime occupation. However due to shortage of labour and mechanized equipment’s, Indian agricultural still follows obsolete & conventional methods which profoundly affect productivity of agricultural crop. With technological advancements in many other fields, agriculture is still followed by age old obsolete methods, as majority of the farmers are not literate to operated highly complicated technological devices. Thus this paper simplifies the technology for farmers using Google Voice Assistant. This paper focuses on development of completely autonomous agricultural machines which can be used for different applications such as spraying, sowing, and irrigation using voice commands over IOT where farmers can operate the machine in the farm from any corner of the world using google voice assistant. The machine is capable of performing multiple operations such as sowing, spraying, cutting and much more. The machine is voice activated, so the farmers can easily control the machine as it involves just voice commands. Further the machine operates over IOT and is autonomous which facilitates the farmer to control the machine from anywhere in the world. Thus this paper provides an completely cost-effective solution to problems faced by farmers and also helps in improving productivity by means of automated agricultural operations

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