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Facial Recognized Attendance Using Deep Learning

Author : Sapna B Kulkarni 1 Md Shahid Afridi P 2 K Manish 3 Md Fardeen 4 Naveena Kumara K 5

Date of Publication :22nd November 2021

Abstract: We are Living in a 21st Century where everything around us has become dependent on technology to make our life much easier and to work faster. People often use technology to complete the daily task . To the best of our knowledge, the process of recording attendance at the schools, universities, offices is still manual. In schools and universities the Attendance sheet is passed to all the students to sign on it and record attendance. Where as in office the employee should sign on the record book to make sure that he is present in office. This is slow, inefficient and time-consuming. This project is to offer system that can automate the process of recording and tracking the attendance using Facial Recognition Technology using Deep Learning. Facial Recognition Technology is becoming much popular in different areas such as Airports, Banks, Military, etc. Best example is our Mobile phone where we can unlock device using Face Recognition Technology. We will use Deep Learning techniques to detect, recognize and verify the captured faces. We aim to provide a system that will make the attendance process faster and more precisely

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