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An Efficient Traffic Congestion Monitoring System Using IoT

Author : Dr.S.Prabhavathi 1 Prema 2

Date of Publication :22nd November 2021

Abstract: Now a day’s traffic controlling is Venture because the population growing day by day, also in emergency condition traffic controlling in very difficult. In emergency condition each and every second is important in saving a human’s life. In urban areas, traffic system is one of the significant indicators to show the growth and progress of a city and it also influences the quality of life of people living in metropolitan cities. In recent years, there is a significant increase in usage of road vehicles which is becoming challenge for existing transportation system. The currently deployed traffic system is not based on the traffic congestion level and a predefined time is allocated for traffic lights at every road crossing which results in traffic congestion and situation becomes worst in the peak traffic hours. This high level traffic congestion contributes in the pollution by the emission of CO2 and several other pollutants in air. Moreover, it also causes tripling of the fuel consumption and consequently put adverse effects on the economy as well. To address the above problem, this paper presents the development of congestion level based dynamic traffic management system using IOT. It regulates the traffic lights duration based on the real-time congestion level of the traffic measured at the road crossings by using ultrasonic sensors. The development of this project is divided in three phase’s i-e simulation and logic development, development of IOT based system and finally hardware implementation. In first phase the simulations are done in Proteus and results are presented in four cases i-e normal routine, low level congestion, medium level congestion and high level congestion. In second phase the IOT based system is developed by making the communication link between the end nodes and the gateway over the internet. Finally, the real-time prototype is implemented. And also the paper serves the delays caused by the lack of basic information about the patient and delay caused by the ambulance at the traffic signal.

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