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Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 6 2022

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Laxity and Discrimination: A Study of Detrimental Effects in Human Psychology, from the works of George Saunders

Author : Merry Baghwar 1 2

Date of Publication :19th January 2022

Abstract: The paper intends to delve into the impediments in the human mind causing mental illness, due to tensions, anxiety, fear, discrimination, bullying, negligence, etc. In all age groups from maturity, the mental disturbances are quite common but it is rightly said that anything excessive is perilous. Psychological disturbances are a very serious issue that one may go through, therefore there is always a basic reminder for all human beings to be kind towards other fellow mates and inculcate a humble nature. George Saunders is an American writer of short stories, essays, essays, novellas, etc. In the books, Tenth of December and CivilWarLand in a Bad Decline, he has successfully portrayed the serious effects in human minds that are caused through various reasons in the society from the earlier times till date. Moreover, the majority of the characters (victims) in the story confront challenges in life. The motive of this paper is not only to study the detrimental effects in psychology but also to discuss the consequences and possible remedies, to maintain the stability of the human mind. Saunders uses his stories as a weapon to enthrall as well as to convey several messages and themes to his readers

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