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Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 6 2022

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Evaluation of radiation levels around thermal power station to assess population dose

Author : Vinutha P R 1 Sandesh Achari 2 Kaliprasad C S 3 Prafulla 4 Shrinidhi Kini 5 Narayana Yerol 6

Date of Publication :3rd March 2022

Abstract: Systematic studies on the gamma radiation levels were carried out using portable gamma ray survey meter around the thermal plant at Udupi. The Udupi coal based thermal power plant is situated at Nandikoor in Udupi district on the coastal Karnataka. Thermal power stations are the potential sources of radiation hazard to the population living in its vicinity. In view of this, systematic studies on the gamma dose rates were carried out in selected locations around the thermal power station at 1m above from ground level. For each location, many readings were taken and mean value of radiation level was considered as representative level of the location. The measurement were recorded at open, undisturbed, flat ground surfaces free of sheltering and run-off during heavy rain, as well as sites away from open roads and residences. The average gamma dosage rate in air was determined to be 80 nGy/h, with a range of 56 nGy/h to 102 nGy/h.The findings of this comprehensive study are compared to values published in the literature for other parts of the world.

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