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Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 6 2022

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Crime Pattern Analysis and Hot Spot Analysis in Bishnupur District of Manipur

Author : L. Bilashini Chanu 1 Ngangbam Romeji 2 Rajkumari Kajal 3

Date of Publication :16th March 2022

Abstract: Manipur a northeastern state of India reported increasing crime rate as per NCRB records. Crime mapping using GIS environment in India is in budding stage and it is almost nil in the state of Manipur. Mapping different categories of crime/ criminal activity for pattern analysis and hotspot analysis is being done in the Bishnupur District of Manipur. There are alto-gather seven police stations in this district. Present study is dealing with spatial analysis of criminal activities for five years (2016–2020) using Spatial Statistics tool and hotspot analysis (Getis-ord Gi*). Mapping of crime location(point mapping), density map and hotspot analysis map are carried out using ArcGIS. Statistical database of criminal activities were taken up, involving different nature of crime which are categorized as property crime, suicide, crime against women, terrorist act. Date, time and location are also considered for this study. The result of the study shows spatial concentration of criminal activities like property crime records the highest in Nambol, Manipur. Jurisdiction under Nambol Police Station recorded the highest number of crime as compare to other police stations of the district during this period. And that Keibul Lamjao Police Station recorded the lowest number of criminal activities. Crime pattern analysis is definitely going help in improving our understanding of the dynamics of unlawful activities and can enhance prediction policing. Policy makers of police department will be benefited from complex maps of criminal activities in Tactical crime analysis

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