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Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 6 2022

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Sustainable growth of Litopenaeus vannamei in intensive raceways of biofloc technology

Author : K.Kavitha 1 P.V.Krishna 2

Date of Publication :28th February 2022

Abstract: Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) culture and production at industrial have high value in India with higher export quantity. With the application of scientific research and development methodologies, aquaculture may be expanded to become a larger and more economically relevant industry. Furthermore, due to the high protein content of shrimps, this aquaculture has gained popularity among the general public. Despite all of these positive aspects, shrimp farming is plagued by diseases, which result in increased production losses. This present study provides Biofloc technology to cope with this specific problem which is considered to boost the development and survival of shrimp. This study was conducted in 3 different parts, namely, preparation of the tank, establishing the Raceway system, preparing the flocs in the tank, monitoring water quality, conducting microbiological tests, and managing the feed regularly. The study has found that there is significant growth in the test tanks as compared to the control tank. The test tanks had shown 30% more growth as compared to that of the control tank. The survival rate of shrimp is also significant in test tanks than in the control tank. The other findings, especially the condition of the water, are correlated and discussed at the appropriate place. The study found that Biofloc technology is effective in maintaining water quality, including hardness, minimising shrimp production loss, and enhancing shrimp culture average growth. This technology is the way shrimp culture will go in the future, and it should be applied across the country.

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