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Analyzing Inclusive Leadership with Effective Communication: A Thematic Study

Author : Emma Cheryl 1 Dr Jennifer G Joseph 2

Date of Publication :25th July 2022

Abstract: Learning specific skills and strategies for effective communication are essential building blocks for inclusive leadership. By focusing on communication, one can learn tools and skills and gain resources to bring out the best in oneself and others. This paper deals with finding ways to use one’s voice to change the world, and this requires inclusive leadership, which is underpinned by effective communication. Both of which are terms that will be explored in this paper. Using your voice to change the world does not mean you have to have some lofty goal like ending world hunger or bringing world peace. Using one’s voice to change the world can be done in big and small ways. It might mean changing the world of your community, the world of your home, your school, or your workplace. This paper will also help define the nature of your world and the kind of change one wants to make in it. This paper will provide the framework for using communication as a voice to change the world

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