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A Case Study of Elgi Equipments Ltd 4Ps Strategy for Air Compressor Industry

Author : Vishakha Kuwar 1 Bhuvanesh Kumar Sharma 2

Date of Publication :11th August 2022

Abstract: The case study paper is based on the 4Ps strategy of the Elgi Equipment’s limited, is an Indian agency as an air compressor and depot gear manufacturing company, manufactures Reciprocating & Screw Air - Compressors, Car Washers Hydraulic Hoist, Lubricating Equipment, Pneumatic Horns, Power brakes, & Automatic Pasteurizing Plants. The four P’s of marketing and advertising and marketing are a really helpful mannequin for businesses to use, but they don’t cowl all of the complexities of doing commercial enterprise today. Companies must assume about what products to grant and how they will promote them at a realistic price. They additionally need to reflect on consideration on where their merchandise is disbursed and whether or now not that vicinity is handy for shoppers who live in special areas of the country. The four P’s framework has now not changed a good deal from when it used to be created. From the study it is interpreted that the 4Ps strategy throughout all industries must be used so that companies focused more over quality. The future scope of the study is that despite the changing landscape, advertising principles nevertheless apply. The four core concepts are product differentiation, pricing flexibility, advertising of brand awareness, and positioning in the market. These have been tested to be great thru time due to the fact they work on a psychological diploma that groups can’t resist. For the air compressor industry more, exploration is needs to do in the areas of Industrial Product service System.

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