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Accounting Practices and Organizational Performance of Small Enterprises in Batangas City

Author : Jennifer M. Perez, CPA, PhD 1 Yasmine Chan 2 Rena Cheska Rosales 3

Date of Publication :17th September 2022

Abstract: The challenge of every small enterprise owner is to sustain and prolong the business operation. It is fundamental for every business to have proper accounting practices to facilitate efficient economic decisions. This study assessed the level of organizational performance of small enterprises in terms of organizational goal achievement, organizational effectiveness, and organizational efficiency records. It also measured the level of accounting practices in record keeping, budgeting practices, and payroll accounting. The correlation between the two variables were also determined because the researchers believe that this would help elevate the business as well as the country’s economy. Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) was employed in the statistical analysis of data and Pearson moment of correlation (Pearson-r). A total of 60 respondents participated in the survey. Based on results, small enterprise owners or the bookkeepers practiced to highly practiced accounting practices with good to excellent organizational performance when grouped to years of operation and nature of the business. It also indicated that there is a strong positive relationship between accounting practices and organizational performance. Specifically, recordkeeping, and payroll accounting resulted in a very strong relationship to organizational efficiency records with computed r-values of .802 and .775, respectively. The researchers proposed an extension activity for small enterprise owners in Batangas City improve their accounting practices and organizational performance.

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