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Effect of Brand Strategy on Co- Shopping of Mother and Daughter in Bangladesh: Potentials, Challenges, and Solutions

Author : Md. Ridhwanul Haq 1 Major Rezaul Karim 2 Md. Shakirul Islam Khan 3 Akash Kumar Biswas 4

Date of Publication :13th October 2022

Abstract: In Bangladesh, the total domestic clothing market is not small. Especially women's clothing market is much bigger than others. There is a significant impact of mother-daughter co-shopping on women's clothing purchasing. But unfortunately, no brand line has been started, or no branding strategy has been taken on targeting this huge market segment. Traditionally there is a trend of mother-daughter co-shopping, not only in Bangladesh but worldwide. And usually, when family shopping occurs, women of the families do this shopping, where the mother, daughter, and sisters are present in that shopping. So, it is very typical that mother-daughter will go shopping together whereas male persons of the family do not usually do their shopping together. A male person used to go shopping most of the time individually. So, it can easily be said that there is a vast market potential for this mother-daughter co- shopping. This report will identify the market potentials, impacts, challenges, and solutions of mother-daughter co-shopping branding in Bangladesh. This report has been made based on 30 women interviews from different shopping malls in Dhaka and market analysis from various market reports on the domestic clothing market

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