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Role of Body Language in Leveraging Success at the Workplace: A Study in the Hospitality Industry

Author : Dr Supriya Srivastava 1 2

Date of Publication :1st October 2022

Abstract: The study sheds light on the significant role of body language at workplaces. Body language is a specific process of communication which is opposed to words. The specific article is focused on understanding the significance of body language at the workplace within the hospitality industry. In the hospitality industry it is immensely important to impress the customers to improve their financial growth. Therefore, a positive and effective body language helps to build trust between the customer and the companies as well as it is capable of gaining credibility. The employees of the hospitality industry should have proper knowledge about body language and its effectiveness on customer impression.The research has used secondary quantitative design for this article consisting of the collection of some secondary numerical data. Some existing companies within the hospital IT industry of India are selected and their annual reports are used for collecting secondary quantitative data. The significance of body language among the employees of those companies for the development of the companies within the industry is discussed in this article. The major purpose of this study is to identify the important role of body language among the employees of the hospitality industry.

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