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Stakeholders’ Needs along Construction Materials Technology Programme for the Kingdom of Bahrain

Author : Dr. Aldrin B. Bangud 1 Dr. Bryant S. Arante 2 Dr. Maria Teresa Y. Acantilado 3

Date of Publication :23rd January 2023

Abstract: The study aimed to determine the stakeholders’ needs along construction materials technology programme. The data were obtained from thirty-four participants of six Focus Group Discussions (FGDs). The number of participants per category was as follows: twelve from the industry, five from the academe and seventeen from the learners. From the series of FGDs, thirty-three needs along knowledge were revealed, subdivided into five categories, namely, materials, material tests, quality bases, processes, and types of construction. Furthermore, six needs along skills, together with eight specific types of tests, were revealed. The skills are focused on practical skills, materials use and tests, and quality processes. Moreover, three needs along competence were revealed. The competence needs are roles involving several

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