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Technological Innovation in Healthcare Industry: The Case of Etisalat Digital Smart Hospital platform

Author : Keletham AlAli 1

Date of Publication :10th February 2023

Abstract: Etisalat Digital is a newly developed department in Etisalat Group that aims at strategic innovation of technologies. Etisalat Digital has developed a health information exchange framework that has been adopted into the United Arab Emirates (UAE) healthcare system by many healthcare providers in UAE. The technology has been used to successfully improve several components of the healthcare process. The research below aimed to explore the benefits of the solutions provided by Etisalat Digital through its strategic innovation of technology. The qualitative study implemented using focus groups of 4 participants illustrated that the Etisalat Digital healthcare solutions positively impacted the healthcare system. The applications reduced the cost of operation and time spent in providing and receiving care and improved customer satisfaction and quality of care experienced. The efforts by Etisalat Digital were successful and will have a significant impact on the future of digital transformation in the UAE healthcare industry.

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