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Thematic Review of Literature on Sustainability and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Author : Kumar Vijayendra 1 Kumar Raghvendra 2 Shivanshi Bhadouria. 3

Date of Publication :21st April 2023

Abstract: Using a thematic qualitative analysis, this study aims to identify dominant themes previously highlighted by various systematic literature reviews and studies in the field of sustainability and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The studies picked for this paper range from nascent stages of the emergence of the concept of corporate sustainability in business to present-day targeted studies on SMEs. This study has attempted to highlight the recurring, emerging and neglected themes in the literature and concludes with some key findings: 1) the research on sustainability and SMEs remains focused on generic rather than targeted studies; 2) sustainability frameworks specifically designed for SMEs remain under-researched as opposed to large firms 3) there is a requirement to look more at the SMEs in the service sector. This paper also highlights other dominant themes in literature and finally, offers suggestions for areas of future research.

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