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Instant Energy Products: An Analysis

Author : Mohasin Haque 1 Irfan Ahamad 2 Dr. Divya Mishra. 3

Date of Publication :25th April 2023

Abstract: In today's era, our eating habits play a significant role in increasing our number of years. We can always stay healthy if we pay attention to what we eat and drink. The proposed research focuses on packaged foods and their nutritional value. The study also conducted a comparative analysis of children's BMI and their balanced diet. Research has divided food items into different nutrition categories and analyzed which food is required by different types of humans in various conditions based on their age, workout, pregnancy, and disease. The proposed research is based on a primary dataset collected by students for study purposes, and it has been done to raise public awareness. This research also inspires the food item company to make its product more useful.

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