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Performance Evaluation of Architectural Education in a Selected Department in Southwest Nigeria

Author : Ayeni, Dorcas.A 1

Date of Publication :25th April 2023

Abstract: Organizations, irrespective of what the organizations stand for or promote, face competition locally, nationally and globally.; especially in this era of fast pace development. Moreover, for any organization to keep up and compete favorably, the organization must do all things possible through strategic planning and good leadership or management to be well above competitors. Therefore, this study aims to assess a selected department of architecture (name withheld) to evaluate its architecture studies. The study explored the combination of the SWOT and PESTLE assessment tools using the departmental academic, non-academic staff and students as case study. Extensive literature was reviewed, and face-to-face interviews were conducted randomly. The findings from SWOT revealed 11 strengths, ten weaknesses, eight opportunities and eight threats the department has. The PESTLE also discovered external opportunities and threats facing the department. Findings from both analyses were used to suggest strategic recommendations for the department.

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