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Evaluation Technical Expertise and Strategy Performance of local NGOs in Uganda

Author : Lawrence R. Okello 1 Benson B. Okech 2

Date of Publication :27th April 2023

Abstract: This article deepens debates on quality of localization considering that the strength of a self-regulating organization such as local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) should be seen by the extent to which evaluation technical expertise is applied as part of strategy discourse. In this paper, application of evaluation technical expertise was examined based on skill sets including techniques, technology and technical management oversight that are needed to ensure effective tracking of strategy and actions against approved goals and targets are executed. In most developing countries, poor performance of local NGO strategies has in the past been blamed on poor uptake of evaluation technical expertise(skillsets). The main goal of this study was to examine the relationship between evaluation technical expertise and strategy performance of local NGOs in Uganda. The study used a cross sectional study design using mostly quantitative survey methods. The study drew 349 participants comprising of field workers, mid-level staff and executives from local NGO from all parts of Uganda. The study found that there was positive correlation between evaluation technical expertise and the study constructs of fund stability (r=.219**) community satisfaction (r=- 220**) and timelines(r=-.166**). This study concludes that the correlation is positive but the extent to which it influences strategy performance is still weak. The study recommends the use of sub regional peer support mechanisms by NGO forums and voluntary associations coupled with additional incremental annual self-assessment ratings to address the weakness in evaluation technical expertise.

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