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Cocoa Industry Development to Fulfill the Global Market Share (Study at PT. Kalla Kakao Industry, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia)

Author : Ebed Hamri Koodoh 1 Mirad 2 Haydir 3 Idham Handa 4 Hasddin 5

Date of Publication :27th April 2023

Abstract: This research tries to reveal how the development of national cocoa production. next is to reveal the management of cocoa bean processing by PT. Kalla Cacao Industry, and most importantly how to formulate a strategic model to develop the national cocoa industry by taking studies at PT. Kalla Cacao Industry. The results of the analysis show that the development of the national cocoa industry is very promising for business actors, because there is an imbalance between the number of world market demands and the amount of production. As the world's third largest cocoa producing country, Indonesia plays an important role in global cocoa. The national cocoa industry through PT. Kalla Cacao Industry in meeting the demand for the export market in accordance with the standards and/or specifications of SNI 2323/2008/2010 so as to produce export products. However, there needs to be improvement by increasing product competitiveness; increase in partner human resources (farmers); institutional capacity building and upstream-downstream partnerships; synergy with related parties; as well as plant rejuvenation and development (area) of plantations as a production base.

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