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Hypocritical Side of Public Media

Author : Ayşenur Yılmaz 1

Date of Publication :28th April 2023

Abstract: In this article, I will compare The Public Service Media and Public Service Internet Manifesto and Environmental Activism in the Digital Age which evaluate the aims of the development of digital media and the use of benefits differently. Today, it is seen that advanced technology has a proven cultural, informational and moral guiding effect on community and it’s social life. Upon realizing that the media branches, which have become a digital product for communication purposes, have a directive power over people individually and collectively with this awareness, this power can be diversified to be used in different ways only by the underlying control mechanism for the things it aims at. While Jacqmarcq's article evaluates the effects of developing digital media on environmental actions and the individual and social effects of environmental awareness that may arise as a result, Public Service Media and Public Service Internet Manifesto is seeking for the benefits of using the digital media internet to update way of reaching community in order to present them traditional management and ethical values of government without considering the environment and nature as a high value and necessity of humanity . In this paper I will argue how these two papers consider digital media as a directive tool for totally different purposes of increasing effects in society.

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