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Design of Low-Cost Robotic Arm with Color Recognition Ability for Assistance in Surgical Environment

Author : Jaya Rubi 1 Naresh Priyan N 2 Mareeshwaran B 3 Dr. Kishore Kanna R 4 Josephin Arockia Dhivya.A. 5

Date of Publication :28th November 2022

Abstract: Robotic arms are being utilized in diligence, boom effectiveness, productiveness and to provide perfection in the operations. This paper introduces the design and improvement of a Robotic Arm with Proximity and color Detection with the use of an Arduino microcontroller. This robotic arm has 3 degrees of freedom (DOF). This undertaking not only satisfies the criteria of being a substitute for difficult human labor but also a smart and multipurpose robot, because it can be used in choosing an item and object by performing a particular function. This color-recognition robotic arm can perform front and back operations, as well as actuation operations, such as grasping an object. This robotic arm is built based on Python software. It works on the basis of Python frame size, as it detects the color and performs the respective operation. This robotic arm may be very powerful in diverse fields, which includes clinical industries, Surgical motives. This allows the robot to pick the gadgets and make moves consistent with the entered instructions. By designing this robotic arm based on color sorting methods, we have executed actions based on the color detected which would possibly supply additional accuracy to the precise undertaking.

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