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Study of the Potentials and Challenges of Exporting Craft Industry Products to the Global Market (Case Study: West Java, Indonesia)

Author : Fansuri Munawar 1 Ghifari Munawar 2 Didi Tarmidi 3

Date of Publication :11th September 2023

Abstract: The creative craft sector in West Java plays a vital role in the regional economy, contributing to job creation, income diversification, and cultural preservation. However, despite its potential, the industry faces various constraints that hinder its growth and global competitiveness. The prospect that can be utilized to accelerate West Java's creative craft industry's export growth includes abundant raw materials, diverse cultural heritage, and strong market demand. However, several challenges require attention, including limited access to international markets, inadequate infrastructure, fragmented value chains, and inadequate product design and innovation capabilities. This study aims to analyze various export potentials and challenges based on the 12 HS Code for exports of craft products from the West Java creative craft industry. Research method conducting desk studies and field studies to various relevant agencies such as the industry and trade department, the culture and tourism department, and the central bureau of statistics as well as interviews with creative craft industry players in various regions in West Java. The results can be used as a reference for creative craft industry peoples and related governments to explore the export acceleration, both its potential and challenges.

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