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Incompatible Relation between Human and Society Affecting Behaviorism: A Close Study of the Characters in the Select Works of George Saunders

Author : Merry Baghwar 1

Date of Publication :12th September 2023

Abstract: Society profoundly impacts human behaviorism, shaping how individuals think, feel, and act. It studies how people’s actions and responses are influenced by their environment and social context. The ‘Science of Society’ was established in the year 19th Century and gradually was recognized to be specifically the study of societies and also to ponder over the relationships among individuals within the societies. This study delves into examining the human personality and behaviorism disturbed by the loosely conjoined relation between an individual and society. There are several key ways in which society influences the characters’ behavior in George Saunders’s works. Saunders’s technique of depicting the reality in the fictional characters has always gained appraisal and the readers have empathized with him. The cultural norms and values, socialization, bullying, social roles, group influence, social pressure, conformity, ‘out of reality concepts’, cultural diversity, rejections, social hierarchies, conflicting interests, unrealistic expectations, etc. have massively affected the human psyche. Saunders portrays the reality of society and how it impacts human cognition, which arises from the inherent complexities of human nature and structures and expectations imposed by society. This paper emphasizes the personality study and his readers to learn that we live in a society that provides a framework for organizing and governing human interactions, which can also lead to various challenges and conflicts. The significant works of Saunders, at some point, create awareness among the people.

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