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An Elaborative Review on Path Optimization using Force/Torque Sensor in Robotic Deburring Application on KUKA KR-6 Robot

Author : Ankul Lohiya 1 Gagan Preet Kaur 2 Gaurav Srivastava 3

Date of Publication :12th September 2023

Abstract: Precision parts are now widely employed in many different industries, including machining, painting, advanced manufacturing, and the medical sector. High-precision machining is necessary to create fine surface roughness. Robot-assisted deburring procedures offer superior output and flexible working ranges over traditional deburring methods. As a result, it has been used increasingly frequently in difficult machining operations. To offer an overview of the evolution of the robot-control deburring technology, however, few review publications on the subject could be located. This study examines current developments in robot-assisted deburring. The summary of the research state of steady force and torque control for robot-control deburring comes after an overview of how robots are integrated with various machining processes. The output of standard robot-assisted deburring systems is then examined, along with the appropriate compensatory techniques. Finally, future directions for robot-assisted deburring development are highlighted. For scientists or engineers who have an interest in robot-assisted machining or deburring, this review is meant to serve as a road map.

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