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The Well-Being of Muslim Migrant Workers in Malaysia Oil Palm Plantation: An Exploration of Expert Opinion

Author : Chyairreil Annwar Akmal 1 Mahazan Abdul Mutalib 2 Wan Mohd. Fazrul Azdi Wan Razali 3

Date of Publication :19th September 2023

Abstract: being a renowned oil palm producer, this sector is highly dependent on migrant workers [2]. A total of 273,079 migrant workers with a visitor’s Pass (Temporary Employment) in 2019 were working in this sector, with the majority of them coming from Indonesia and Bangladesh [3]. However, there are several issues beleaguering this sector, particularly labor, that disrupt their well-being. Among the common labor issues are labor exploitation, debt bondage, abuse of vulnerability, deception, and restriction of movement. These issues are commonly associated with the well-being of workers. Therefore, this study is intended to identify probable factors that may influence their well-being.

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