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Emotional Reactions in Hospitalized Children

Author : Elda Skenderi 1 Alberta Shkembi 2 Gjeorgjina Kuli-Lito 3 Laureta Rosa 4

Date of Publication :19th September 2023

Abstract: Hospitalization or inpatient care is the most restrictive form of treatment. Hospitalized children and their parents have to cope with a variety of stressors, which include factors directly relevant to the illness or injury such as physical discomfort, loss of autonomy, absence from school, the effects of medications and changes in family interactions. Anxiety is a natural human reaction and it serves an important biological function, it is an alarm system that is activated whenever we perceive danger or a threat. Anxiety is a normal part of childhood and every child goes through phases which are temporary and usually harmless. 50 children (6-12years), hospitalized for acute childhood diseases, were subject of anxieties’ symptoms measure. 22% of children resulted with high anxiety levels, 64% resulted with moderate levels of anxiety, and 14% resulted with low levels of anxiety. The experience of being hospitalized for an illness is usually a traumatic and anxiety –producing one, particularly for children. Pediatricians and psychologists have become increasingly aware that illness and hospitalization can threaten a child’s mental and emotional development. Psychological well-being of the young patients demands a good cooperation between medical staff and pediatric psychologist.

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