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Transforming Crisis into Opportunity: Exploring the Educational Potential of the Corona Pandemic through a STEM Approach

Author : Almog Karmi 1 Rania Hussein Farraj 2 Sapic Cohen 3 Shir Shance 4 Raed Mualem 5

Date of Publication :19th September 2023

Abstract: The Corona pandemic has sparked widespread fear and uncertainty among pupils worldwide, but it has also presented an unexpected educational opportunity for fostering critical thinking skills through a STEAM discipline in relation to COVID-19. Recognized this global challenge as a platform to develop an interdisciplinary study module for elementary school pupils that integrates health and education. The study module facilitated exploration of different facets of the pandemic. Pupils developed an understanding of the virus, delved into the science of the immune system using interactive learning games. Pupils researched vaccination technology in small groups, they research antigen detection kit focusing on the product features of components, materials and ease of use and the reliability of home antigen testing. Mathematical models were constructed to analyze COVID-19 data and comprehend epidemiological concepts, empowering students to interpret infection rates, transmission patterns, and the impact of preventive measures. Furthermore, the integration of art within the STEM framework played a crucial role in solidifying the acquired knowledge. Pupils employed their design and engineering skills to visually represent viral antigens and antibodies, create educational games for identifying cells, and develop age-appropriate health information tools for their peers. By leveraging artistic elements such as language, color, and technical designs, students actively contributed to the production of effective resources that promoted health education and infection prevention among their peers. The STEAM approach facilitated interdisciplinary learning, critical thinking, and creativity, equipping students to navigate complex health crises by reducing fear and anxiety through enjoyable academic experiences.

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