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The Impact of Computer Games on Cognitive Performance in Pupils

Author : Sapic Cohen 1 Rania Hussein Farraj 2 Shir Shance 3 Almog Karmi 4 Raed Mualem 5

Date of Publication :19th September 2023

Abstract: This study investigated the effects of changing the computer game that adolescents play on their cognitive abilities, including concentration, memory, and problem-solving skills at a high level of thinking. The study included a group of 38 adolescents aged 12-13. The "source and imitation" game was employed to test concentration, the "Simon-flashing detection" game to assess memory, and mathematical tasks at an advanced level to evaluate problem-solving skills. The findings of the study indicate that children who played Fortnite for 15 minutes experienced a significant increase in their concentration levels by approximately 43.4 % and by 74 % in memory levels after engaging in a session of Solitaire. Furthermore, the study also examined high-order learning skills in solving mathematical questions, particularly focusing on analysis and mathematical insight. The findings suggest that the time required to solve mathematical problems after playing Fortnite decreased by 41.5 % after engaging in a session of Solitaire, indicating enhanced efficiency in solving higher-order problems. The results demonstrated a substantial improvement in cognitive abilities after playing a challenging computer game compared to a violent computer game. This suggests that engaging in thinking and challenging games significantly enhances the subjects' cognitive abilities. The increase in efficiency in solving higher-order mathematical problems may be attributed to the improvements in memory and concentration among children who played intellectually stimulating and challenging computer games. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce adolescents' exposure to violent computer games and increase their exposure to thinking and challenging games to create a balanced gaming experience.

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