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Restoration of World Famous 2200-Year-Old Paintings with AI: Digital Heritage of Ajanta Caves

Author : Amrapali Prakash Tribhuvan 1 Dr. Binnaser Aziz Abdullah 2

Date of Publication :28th September 2023

Abstract: Digital heritage, encompassing the preservation and promotion of cultural artifacts, traditions, and identities in the digital realm, has emerged as a critical field in the era of technology and globalization. As societies increasingly embrace digital platforms, it becomes imperative to explore the potential and challenges of documenting, safeguarding, and providing access to our collective heritage. Artificial Intelligence is another useful tool for preventing cultural heritage. AI-powered image processing can have a profound impact on preserving and interpreting cultural artifacts, historical documents, and artwork. By harnessing the power of AI, heritage professionals can enhance the preservation and restoration process by accurately analyzing images to detect damage or deterioration in delicate artifacts. In this proposed research work we are trying to digitally preserve and restore the murals recovered from cultural heritage sites. In this paper we have used OpenCV in Python to restore historical paintings. For this study most famous paintings of Ajanta Caves 1 are selected. In this paper we have demonstrated the restoration of damaged image of Bodhisattva Padmapani from cave 1 at Ajanta monastery. We have used methods like Denoising, Gray Scaling, Thresholding, Dilation etc.

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