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Work Readiness Model Mechanism in Higher Education Based on Work Integrated Learning in Indonesia

Author : Vini Wiratno Putri 1 Nur Ariqa Akmalia Ghaisani 2 S Martono 3 Desti Ranihusna 4 Siti Ridloah 5

Date of Publication :29th September 2023

Abstract: This study aims to find out how the mechanism for implementing Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) is in preparing graduate work readiness in tertiary institutions. This research tries to explain the effectiveness of the apprenticeship program and the role of self-efficacy, on the quality of graduate work readiness. Respondents in this study were final semester students who had implemented internship programs in Indonesia. This study uses the SEM-PLS analysis technique. Research results on direct relationships show that the WIL program in the form of apprenticeships has a role in increasing the work readiness of college graduates. Meanwhile, in the indirect relationship, self-efficacy has a role as a mediator in the relationship between WIL and work readiness. For this reason, universities need to pay more attention to managing the WIL program, to prepare graduates who are better prepared to enter the world of work. Universities also need to increase collaboration with several stakeholders, this is because student WIL experiences are influenced by three main stakeholders, namely students: university and industry.

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