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Climate Positivity of Urban Public Parks – A Case of Thiruvananthapuram City

Author : Lini Mariyam Thomas 1 Aysha Saifudeen 2

Date of Publication :29th September 2023

Abstract: The need for urban public parks has become majorly significant with rapid increase in urbanization. The potential of green infrastructures in reducing the atmospheric carbon dioxide levels is widely known but very few studies address their climate positivity. Climate positivity addresses the ability of a project or activity to overpower its carbon emission levels. Setting of a park should involve careful selection of tree species and land cover. This study provides a case study of the climate positivity of a selected park in Thiruvananthapuram district in Kerala and aimed to discuss the influence of the design on climate positivity. The park is known as the lungs of the city and an attempt was made to estimate its efficiency. The carbon sequestration rate was calculated from field data inventory and climate positivity was assessed in Pathfinder 2.0. The outcome of the study is the optimization of climate positivity with different strategies. The findings can give informed decisions among people and a green practice in the design of landscapes.

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