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● Mitigation of Power Quality Issues Using Single Stage and Multi Stage Converters
● Comparision of QoS Parameters for DSDV and DSR in Hybrid Scenario
● Performance Analysis of Least Mean Square and Recursive Least Square Channel Estimation Techniques under Multipath Fading Environmental Conditions
● Leveraging Innovation for Smart Agricultural Field
● Smart Digital Inverter
● IOT based Smart Campus
● Design and Development of Bi-Phase Coded RF Signal Generator for Atmospheric Radars
● Low Power and High performance JK Flip - Flop using 45 nm Technology
● De-Noising of Medical Image Using Wavelets
● Analysis of Security and Privacy Features in Map Reduce on Clouds
● Design and Verification of AMBA 3 AHB Lite Protocols by using GO2UVM Package
● PAPR Reduction in SFBC MIMO OFDM System Using AMS Schemes