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International Journal of Engineering Research in Electronics and Communication Engineering(IJERECE)

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International Journal of Science Engineering and Management (IJSEM)

Monthly Journal for Science Engineering and Management

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Volume10, March-2023

Study of Premiums Based on Fractional Ages Assumptions in Education Insurance

Authors : A. Zanbar Soleh || Lienda Noviyanti, Fajar Indrayatna, Hasna A. Rusyda.
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Removal Alizarin Red S Using a Modified Magnetic Nanoporous MCM-41 Based Dispersive Micro-Solid-Phase and Response Surface Optimization

Authors : Esmail Khaledyan || Soheila Jafari, Bahram Abdollahzadehteimourlouei, Ali Abbasi Jahanabad, Mehdi Kiani
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Family Solidarity and Financial Structure of Family SMEs: Evidence from Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

Authors : Mmenge Adolphe || Colot Olivier, Bauweraerts Jonathan, Gahungu Dieudonné, Kanyurhi Balemba.
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Non-Invasive Therapy System with Temperature Detection of Varicose Veins

Authors : A.Josephin Arockia Dhivya || Soniya A, Janani, Jaya Rubi, Dr.Kishore Kanna.
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Web-Based Data Collection and Implementation System for Blood Donation

Authors : Jaya Rubi || Gogularajan D, Madhushalini M, Abirami S, Josephin Arockia Dhivya.A, Hemalatha R.J.
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