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International Journal of Engineering Research in Electronics and Communication Engineering(IJERECE)

Monthly Journal for Electronics and Communication Engineering

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International Journal of Science Engineering and Management (IJSEM)

Monthly Journal for Science Engineering and Management

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Volume3, May-2016

A review on bridging (Reducing) the SG (Semantic Gap) in CBIR and Annotation

Authors : Tabassum Nahid Sultana || Md Abdul Haleem Bahadur, Dr. Ruksar Fatima, Mohammed Shakeeb Ahmed
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Silicon based Antennas-The Concept and Implementation

Authors : Ranjana Trivedi || Ritesh Saraswat, Susheela Choudhary , Pradeep Kumar Sharma
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Identifying an Ideal Bio-Indicator from Indian Freshwaters to Use in Automated Bio-Monitor

Authors : Merin Mathew || Anju Theresa Antony, Sunny George, Ratish Menon, Almut Gerhardt
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