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Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 1 2022

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Volume4, February-2017

A Case study of 5S implementation in Manufacturing Enterprises

Authors : Gopinath S || Vikram H, Sivarampandian J
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Doi : 01.1617/vol4/iss2/pid29176

Survey of Associative Classification Techniques for Text Mining

Authors : Asst. Prof. Ms. Shweta M. Kambare || Asst. Prof. Mrs. Varsha A. Jujare, Asst. Prof. Mr. Atul A. Kumbhar
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Doi : 01.1617/vol4/iss2/pid07493

Three-Body Abrasive Wear Behavior of Al-8011 alloy Reinforced with Graphite and Red Mud Particulates

Authors : Anil.K.C || Sachin Gadge, Rishabh Kumar Srivastva, K.V.Sreenivas Rao
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Doi : 01.1617/vol4/iss2/pid48109

Electric Power : Conservation and Generation

Authors : Garima Goswami || Jaivardhan Singh, Shekhawat, Himanshu Tiwari, Hitesh Tak, Himanshu Sharma
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Doi : 01.1617/vol4/iss2/pid60539

Thermal Analysis of Ca-FeSi inoculated. Ductile Iron

Authors : Mr. Bahubali.B. Sangame || Mr. Vikram. B. Nalawade , Mr. Suyog S. Patil, Mr. Swapnil S. Mali, Mr. Vishal R. Naik
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Doi : 01.1617/vol4/iss2/pid53497

SIGMA V Elements in Lattice Modules

Authors : Dr. C. S. Manjarekar || A. N. Chavan, Dr. U. R. Biraje
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Doi : 01.1617/vol4/iss2/pid64971

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) As Renewable Energy Source

Authors : Jagdish Lambe || Ravindra Chougule
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Doi : 01.1617/vol4/iss2/pid98504

Planning a Sustainable Development of Existing Village

Authors : Arati Kochar || Dr. Hansa Jeswani
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Doi : 01.1617/vol4/iss2/pid54329

Development Induced Displacement: Impact on Women of Odisha

Authors : Prithvi Mohanty ||
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Doi : 01.1617/vol4/iss2/pid79135

Acoustoelectric Effect In Solid State Materials and Devices

Authors : Awadhesh Prasad ||
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Doi : 01.1617/vol4/iss2/pid94861