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Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 1 2022

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Volume3, October-2016

A Survey on Secured ECG Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Networks and IOT

Authors : Femi Antony || ANN Mary Joseph, Jency K Davis, Diffeena Stenislawoos
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Doi : 01.1617/vol3/iss10/pid51246

Sustainable Transport

Authors : Ajmi Fathima.N.S || Ruby Salim
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Doi : 01.1617/vol3/iss10/pid48627

Soil Liquefaction and It’s Remedial Measures

Authors : Arshdeep Singh || Arshveer Singh
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Doi : 01.1617/vol3/iss10/pid37804

Study of Different Pragmatic Approaches and Testing Strategies for Stand Alone/ Desktop Application

Authors : Prof. Vaishali Jawale || Dr. K. Nirmala Kumaraswamy
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Doi : 01.1617/vol3/iss10/pid87029

Bio - Aerosol - Impact Studies In Indoor and Outdoor Environments in Hyderabad

Authors : Sujatha Uram || Dr. D.Sharada, Dr.K.S.Ramachander Rao
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Doi : 01.1617/vol3/iss10/pid68372

Electroluminescence Characteristics of New PQ

Authors : Pratima V. Damre || Dr. V. M. Raut
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Doi : 01.1617/vol3/iss10/pid27649

Store Atmospherics: The Key to Retail Shoppability

Authors : Dr.Smitha Nayak || Dr.K.V.M.Varambally
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Doi : 01.1617/vol3/iss10/pid43591

How India can achieve the target of 40% energy by renewable energy sources by 2030

Authors : Abhinav Agrawal || Sri Harsha Mallampalli
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Doi : 01.1617/vol3/iss10/pid68530

Derivation of Wind Information from the Radar data using Signal Processing Techniques

Authors : Munirajulu P || Manas Ranjan Padhy, A Suresh Babu
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Doi : 01.1617/vol3/iss10/pid60374

Personalized Promotion Tracking: A Location Based Approach for Merchandizing Industry using Haversine Formula

Authors : Arup Kumar Bhattacharjee || Soumen Mukherjee, Manas Ghosh, Sudipta Patra
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Doi : 01.1617/vol3/iss10/pid12764

Spray Characteristics of Bio Fuel- A Review

Authors : Mr. Bhojraj N. Kale || Akshay S Dupare, Akshay S. Bhoyar, Ashish P. Pradhan
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Doi : 01.1617/vol3/iss10/pid92835

An Approach for Storing the Medical Data of HIV Patients Using Big Data Technologies

Authors : Amol Joglekar || Dr. G. Prasanna Lakshmi, Mr. Maunash Jani
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Doi : 01.1617/vol3/iss10/pid89560