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Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 1 2022

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Volume4, August-2017

Eve Teasing: Safety Drives Crucial Element To Fight Back

Authors : Priyanka Maravi ||
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Doi : 01.1617/vol4/iss8/pid49286

Electro spun PLGA-PVA nano fibrous scaffolds: promising carriers for Curcumin

Authors : P.Jhansi Lakshmi || S.Sundar Manoharan, Pravin walke
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Doi : 01.1617/vol4/iss8/pid12546

Technology Diffusion Analysis and Future Trends of Wind Power in Selected States of India

Authors : Ramesh Parihar || Dr. Kamlesh Purohit
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Doi : 01.1617/vol4/iss8/pid35629

Woodchip Bioreactors for Nitrate Removal In Agricultural Land Drainage: A Review

Authors : Mehraj U Din Dar || Shakeel Ahmad Bhat, Syed Rouhullah Ali, Shafat Ahmad Khan, Muneeb Ahmad Wani, Towseef Rehman baba
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Doi : 01.1617/vol4/iss8/pid85261

Laboratory Experimentation of Foundry Waste for Potential Utilization In Pavements

Authors : Anal Sheth || BhargavTewar, Anand Mistry
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Doi : 01.1617/vol4/iss8/pid79648

A study on the Morphological Variation in Mandibles of Four Wasp Species

Authors : Kiran Vati K. || K. Bhasker Shenoy,
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Doi : 01.1617/vol4/iss8/pid93716

Lung Cancer Detection using Log-Gabor Filter Banks

Authors : Rupali Mali || Dr. S. B. Bagal
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Doi : 01.1617/vol4/iss8/pid29647

Gentipicroside Elicitation in Shoot Cultures of Gentiana kurroo and Swertia chirayita with Molecular Authentication

Authors : Payal Kotvi || Rhythem Sharma, Satyam Singh, Hemant Sood
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Doi : 01.1617/vol4/iss8/pid86125

Impacts on Crop Yield in Agriculture Due to Climate Change in India

Authors : S.L.Soundrya || R.Kaviya, L.Keerthana
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Doi : 01.1617/vol4/iss8/pid97148

Simulation of β – α Transformation In Ti-6Al-4V using Cellular Automata

Authors : Abil Joseph Eapen || Dr. R S Sudheesh
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Doi : 01.1617/vol4/iss8/pid59761

To study the Budget Making Process in a Professional College

Authors : Nitesh V Sanklecha || Dr. P. B. Yenurkar
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Doi : 01.1617/vol4/iss8/pid56390