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Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 1 2022

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Volume5, January-2018

Rheological determination of thermally treated Water clover leaves puree

Authors : Richa Gopal || Amit Keshav, A.B. Soni
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Doi : 01.1617/vol5/iss1/pid89120

Atul Srivastava, Jakub Herman, Rajiv Manohar

Authors : Ayushi Rastogi ||
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Doi : 01.1617/vol5/iss1/pid24603

A dimensionless approach to model granule size variation in UASB reactor: Model development and its validation

Authors : Vidya Singh || Ram Pal Singh, Anuradha Pandey, Narendra Deo Pandey
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Doi : 01.1617/vol5/iss1/pid72814

Removal of Ammonical Nitrogen using Biological Bacterial process

Authors : Helly Mehta || Desai Raj, Shiv Mehta
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Doi : 01.1617/vol5/iss1/pid79412