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International Journal of Science Engineering and Management (IJSEM)

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Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 1 2022

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Volume8, September-2021

Tourism Economy and Inequality in China

Authors : Xiaomei Ye ||
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Doi : 01.1617/vol8/iss9/pid57148

Drug Abuse Leading to Domestic Violence

Authors : Vinita Damle ||
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Doi : 01.1617/vol8/iss9/pid78452

Assessing Narcissism in Students of Psychology: An Administered Study

Authors : Sahiti Ganduri || Kavya Sreenivasan, Venya Reddy
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Doi : 01.1617/vol8/iss9/pid75216

5 DOF Robotic Arm

Authors : Neeraj Kumar || Dr. Abhishek Sharma, Tanuraj Tomar, Raja Hassan
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Doi : 01.1617/vol8/iss9/pid48129

Future Fuel Energy Alternatives in Transport Sectors

Authors : Ran Bdr Chhettri ||
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Doi : 01.1617/vol8/iss9/pid93257

Challenges Associated with Carbon Capture Technology Adoption by India

Authors : Mayank Sada Kamadi || Dr. Reshma Raskar Phule
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Doi : 01.1617/vol8/iss9/pid96183